Animal Actors training

We are constantly looking for new talent for commercials, stills, television and stage productions.

Please send Ansie a picture or arrange an appointment to discuss your pet's abilities.

New talent requires a minimum level of basic training before they can be put forward as potential Hotdog Stars.

Our Hotdogs have been in some very well known commercials including

Charlie the Jackabee and the Ambassadoggy of MNET,

Bob the famous Frenchie from the Expresso morning show,

Rose the star of  the controversial, but hilarious Cell C advert.

Basic Class

Tricks include: sit stay, down stay, stand stay, come, go to target, and doggie push-ups. When the basics have been mastered we introduce distance control up to 5 meters.

Easy Class

Tricks include back up, crawl, paw at door, drop it, give, fetch, take it, jump for joy, peek-a-boo, shake hands left & right, speak and stop on command, bow.



More challenging tricks including being able to balance an object on the nose, catch, carry, head down, jump into arms, deliver mail, ring a bell, roll over, beg, and waving goodbye.



Next step up is for your doggy to perfect how to act ashamed, cover their eyes, find the remote/car keys, go hide, play dead, say their prayers, turn off the light, get the phone when it rings.


Tricks such as open/close a door, push a shopping cart, bring me a tissue, limp, roll yourself in a blanket, tidy up your toys, then the pièce de résistance - bringing me a beer from the fridge!