Agility & Flyball

Agility training is super fun for both you and your dog. You will build obedience skills and develop a really strong bond with your dog. We do agility training on the At Fritz doggy hotel premises in central Cape Town.

Please contact them directly to enquire or book a place on the class.


Flyball is the fast paced, high energy team sport. The teams are made up of 4 dogs which run in replay against another team. The course is made up of 4 hurdles and a spring board at the far end which the dog must turn against to release the ball. The dog must catch the ball and race back across the line.

This is such an exciting way to interact with your dog. Any breed, shape or size can participate. But this is especially suited to dogs that have high energy that needs burning off. We travel the country competing and its always fun meeting the other national players and their dogs.

Please contact Ansie directly for more information and how to get started.