About Us

Ansie Minnaar

Ansie has worked in the film and television industry since 1995. She totally understands the producer's needs and how to handle the pressure working on set. An expert wrangler she has sourced and trained animal stars for stage and screen. Watch some of the Hotdog Animal Actors in action here. Ansie was also a regular guest on the Expresso TV show as their resident animal behaviourist. Her passion is agility training and, with her dog Tigger, she represented South Africa in the FCS World Agility Championship coming home with a silver medal. You can read more about Ansie here.


Karis Nafte, (née Bryen)

Karis trains and wrangles dogs, parrots, cheetahs and just about anything else she puts her mind to. In 1996, after studying for four years at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Karis started working as a dog trainer and behaviourist in the USA before moving to South Africa. While living in Cape Town she was also a regular guest on the Expresso Morning show and 567 Cape Talk radio before relocating to Knysna. Here she runs Happy Dogs which specialises in addressing dogs with behavioural problems such as aggression, destructive habits, excessive barking, sibling rivalry and so on. Find out more about Karis here.